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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who can safely receive chiropractic treatment?

Spinal treatments are modified according to the needs of the patient. Dr. Easley has learned  many techniques from which she will choose the best one for you.  Special adaptations are used for the spinal care of  infants, or for patients who are post-surgical, arthritic, autistic, have spastic conditions or other special needs. Please provide the doctor with a complete history of your health on your initial visit. She needs to know all of your health conditions in order to help plan for safe and effective care.   Occasionally the doctor may recommend an alternative form of care during your initial consultation.  Tell us about any special needs that you may have when you call for your first appointment.

Can I receive spinal adjustments without being twisted?

Dr. Easley's techniques allow the patient to rest in a relaxed neutral position, without rotation of the low back or neck. 

Will my spine make a popping noise when adjusted?

"Popping" or "cracking" noises are quite  individual.  The  "popping" noise occasionally made by joints when moved are completely harmless.   Just as some people have noisy knuckles or knees, other people have noisy spines.  In addition, some adjusting techniques are more likely to result in noise than are others.  The presence or absence of noise has no relationship to the quality or safety of the adjustment.  

How many treatments will it take?
Spinal care, Cranio-sacral care, Energy therapy:  The number of treatments required depend on the condition we are working with and your health goals.  Pain relief for  a mild condition that has occurred recently may take as few as 2-5 treatments.  At the other end of the spectrum,  someone with a chronic or more severe condition, or someone who has  a stressful occupation, may choose regular ongoing care in order to attain and maintain a more complete correction and to stay feeling their best.  Dr. Easley works with you to customize a plan according to your condition,circumstances  and goals.  How many treatments  you choose is always up to you.
Nutritional consultations and reflex analysis :  An initial consultation and analysis may be followed up by a review at 4-6 weeks.
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