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Treatment Descriptions

Gentle Specific Spinal Adjustments

Spinal subluxation is a term used by chiropractors to describe problems with spinal joints that may include abnormal position and motion, swelling, pain,increased muscle tension, and abnormal pressure on nerves. As the spinal nerves communicate between the organs and the brain, pressure on them may cause pain, numbness, abnormal sensations, generalized stress  or poor communication with blood vessels, organs or muscles.  

Spinal adjustments are for the purpose of correcting spinal subluxations.  In addition to relief of neck and back pain and  improved joint motion, other symptoms may also be relieved.  For example, patients with asthma may report  that they breath more comfortably following spinal adjustments that relieve pressure on nerves that serve the lungs. Patients with sciatica or brachial plexus neuralgia, may experience pain relief , improved strength and restored reflexes when the nerve irritation  is relieved.


Spinal adjustments are performed as needed after an examination has been completed.  Additional diagnostic testing, such as x-rays or MRI may be ordered if indicated. 

Subluxated joints  may be adjusted by using hand pressure or with a small Activator instrument while the patient rests comfortably on a padded table.  Dr. Easley uses special equipment with moveable sections to help the patient remain comfortable and relaxed during treatment. Infants may be treated using the gentle pressure of a single fingertip while sitting in a parent's lap. For a pregnant woman,  the table and technique can be adapted for her special needs. 

Extremity Adjustments Joints other than the spine may be adjusted as needed in order to improve motion and comfort. Some of these joints may also compress nerves when misaligned, as in the case of carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist) and tarsal tunnel syndrome (foot). Joints that may be treated include rib joints, hands/wrists, elbows, shoulders or feet/ankles. The TMJ (jaw) joint function may also be adjusted. Chest pain due to rib joint misalignments can often be relieved.

Cranio-Sacral Treatment


Meninges are composed of a trio of protective membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord. They  attach to cranial bones in your head, certain spinal vertebrae, and to the "tail-bones" including the sacrum and coccyx. They also attach to the delicate nerve and brain tissue.


Abnormal tension in these membranes may result from injury or or emotional stress. Bumps on the head, tailbone injury, and "whiplash" injuries are among the causes of imbalance to this system.  A sudden shock or prolonged emotional or physical stress including  PTS have also been associated with inducing meningeal stress patterns.  


Clinically, we observe that abnormal meningeal  stress patterns may result in headaches, sensitive ears, eye pressure, visual changes, migraines, tailbone pain, nerve pain , weakness, depression, coordination problems,  irrritability, cognitive issues or sensory issues, mental fatigue, emotional difficulties, cranial nerve problems or other neurologic symptoms. 


Cranial treatment, also called meningeal release, cranio-sacral , sacro-occipital treatment or by similar names; is intended to relax abnormal meningeal pressures. Often corrections are made using only very gentle but highly specific pressure. 


It is suitable for infants, children and adults of all ages with few contraindications.  This treatment is very relaxing, especially  for those with "tender heads"  or for those who are irritable or hypersensitive to touch.

Nutritional & Endocrine Support


Specific nutritional support and avoidance of food irritants may relieve pain and support better healing. Specific endocrine system stresses may be identified and addressed providing support for adrenal fatigue, metabolic syndrome, adolescent or mid life hormonal changes, and more. Digestive issues including the stomach, gallbladder and intestinal issues may be addressed and supported, improving nutrient uptake and reducing the substantial systemic stress caused by G-I distress.


This office uses naturally sourced professional quality supplementation. In addition, this office provides MediHerb products which are manufactured using pharmaceutical standards for consistent purity, quality and potency.

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